Within this vlog I touch on our ‘Authentic Intelligence’. This time of lockdown is opportunity to connect within ourselves, and this notion relates to the ‘inner journey’ content of Ecobalance Courses. Within Ecobalance Courses we look at the ‘outer journey’ in terms of economics, environmental sustainability, social justice and wellbeing, and couple these enquiries with the ‘inner journey’ as a necessary and essential support for outer systems change. One of the methodologies we discover within Ecobalance Courses, are contemplations of the four personality types – ways of learning or knowing – developed by Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung. The ways of knowing are; thinking, emotion, intuition and sensation. In the modern world we have emphasis on the thinking modality, the intellect, which can be very useful for steering creativity and production. However, our other ways of knowing have been discarded, and this has produced unhealthy systems within the dominant development of our modern world. The emotional, intuitive, and physical ways of knowing are relevant to our ‘compass’ of human facilities – our authentic intelligence – and actually compliment the intellectual way of knowing the world. Thus, exploring and understanding the ways of knowing offer us a support and strengthen our compass to navigate these complex times and improve the health of our systems.

Until next time, take care, all my love to you and all beings. Thank you x

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