Hello, my name is Mary and I am in the processes of establishing my own business. The timing is pretty overwhelming, my first social media marketing contact is during a time of global health alarm. Health alarm, that is putting strain and having unpredictable impacts upon economics, and our emotions, all over the world.

Dominant global capitalism has neglected the whole system for a long time, promoted inequalities and worked for the perceived advantage of a small minority population. There is copious evidence of this.

My business is Ecobalance Courses, and I will outline the basic content over a few vlog and blog releases to come.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to connect with your kindness and courage. At the moment the media has promoted much fear and unfortunately, therefore, the panic will increase.

Stay grounded. There are many examples of self-organised community action, where people are looking after each other, even from a distance via social media groups. Or directly with neighbours, making sure more vulnerable people nearby are ok for their needs.

These examples spill from our human authentic intelligence. We know there are many complex issues to play out, we know we are worried about the health of our loved ones and ourselves. We do have the capacity to act from our heart.

For example, in attitude to food and resources. There has been panic buying, but I know from my own behaviour – we are also learning to be more frugal with what we have. This attitude helps in the long term, so everyone can have enough. There is enough for everyone.

The fact of the matter is, economically we have been living greedy lifestyles under neoliberal ideology for decades. It is not human nature. Survival of the fittest does not rely on competition, but actually relies on collaboration. The mainstream media manipulate our frightened reptile brain with scarcity and panic tactics.

This is unfortunate at this time, because panic and anxiety, also undermine our immune system.

I encourage you to where possible, give attention to and enjoy self-care, nutrition, relaxation and fun. Have courage to believe in yourself, you know what is sensible, healthy and supportive of your wellbeing and protects the wellbeing of those you love.

Take care, all my love to you and all beings. Until next time x

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