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During Ecobalance Courses we explore the complex topics of economics, environmental sustainability, social justice and wellbeing; in a manageable way that enables us to see the interconnections between these factors. The sessions include the ‘personal journey’ element of systems change, with the purpose to support individuals and organisations to discover and navigate their pathway for sustainable, positive, ethical change, via reflective and practical exercises.

2022 The Work That Reconnects Workshop participants said:

Participant Feedback

Really powerful, thank you.

Thanks for creating a safe space for us to be present and speak our truth.

Thank you, really appreciated your clear boundaries.

Loved my time sharing.

Very powerful emotionally!!

Thank you Mary, for facilitating such an interesting workshop. 

2022 Mindfulness and Resilience Workshop participants said:

Participant Feedback


Really enjoyed.

I feel very calm!

Helped me relax and unwind. It was very simple and straightforward.

Helped me focus. Helped me channel thoughts and chill out!

Helped me to relax and focus on myself.  

100% of 2020-21 Participant Evaluations:

…said the content presented was helpful, 87% said it was very or extremely helpful.

 …rated the session they attend as good or above, 75% rated it as very good.

 …said the facilitator (Mary) was engaging, 87% said very or extremely engaging.

…said the session was useful, very useful or extremely useful, for developing their understanding under each category of: Economics, Environmental Sustainability, Social Justice and Wellbeing.

…also said, Yes, they will make change following the session. 

Free tasters Oct 2020

"I recommend Mary's courses, from experience they are excellent." LH

"Friendly atmosphere. Good mix of reflective, practical exercises and information." AA

"The courses are great and well worth attending." SJ

"I liked the practicality of being able to bring the theory into everyday life." HH

"I really enjoyed the session. It's given me inspiration to follow it through." JL

"It was easy to understand and get an idea about the inter-relation between all aspects.....a good start for people who really want to understand their contribution to sustainable living." AR

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