Hello, I hope you are well.

Motivation is not only our will to do anything (like get out of a chair), but also our intention. The intention that sits behind any action or behaviour. Motivation and intention influence or determine the outcome of any action.  We understand and acknowledge this on an outer level, for example with the use of action plans etc. Even action plans that state benevolent aims, helpful in action, will not be properly implemented or manifest, when influenced by other intentions.

Within Ecobalance Courses participants take a journey of reflection, reconnection and practice, for positive systems change in the outer world, through connection with the inner heart knowing of participants.

We learn about the interconnected nature of our world, without becoming saturated in overwhelm, but supported with practical action, while nurturing confidence in our own kindness within.

Kindness is appropriate, because all is interconnected. You are actually act in collaboration, cocreation, with our natural systems that impact life on earth.

As I said in my last video, you are key. I believe, you are the expert in your experience! 😊

To everyone, take care, all my love to you and all beings, until next time. Thank you x

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