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Facilitation, workshops and team building

As well as the range of Ecobalance Courses, Mary facilitates processes to catalyse systems change. Designed for public service organisations and private business settings that seek to improve practice and meet legislation. Sessions can be one-off or a bespoke mix of workshops, and hosted for established teams or those from different organisations and roles.

Mary is also a trained and experienced facilitator of The Work That Reconnects (WTR), developed by Joanna Macey et al. The WTR is a collection of methodologies for group and personal experiences that enable:

  • actions to slow the damage to earth
  • analyse and transform human-made systems (the foundations of our common life)
  • a shift in world-view and values, in support of holistic wellbeing and sustainable actions

Please note, although sustainable development is very much more than ‘net zero’ this topic can be included within workshops.

Work That Reconnects, Wales Associates

Workshops and Events

WTR Webinar

Mary is one half of Work That Reconnects, Wales Associates. Offering workshops for Public Service managers and teams, tasked with meeting the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

WTR workshop

Workshops can be integrated within team and wider public events to support your aims and outcomes. Whole event management is offered, as well as workshop delivery within your event.

Ethical Superstore

Example Aims and Outcomes

In agreement with the client, sessions can help:

  • improve sustainability in practice
  • meet recognised standards (ethical / sustainable practice)
  • integrate Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (Wales)
  • increase appeal to customers
  • manage change within challenging circumstances
  • nurture team cohesion
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