How are you? My name is Mary, I am a trainer and my business is ecobalance courses.

Within my last vlog I touched on the relationship between economics, environment, social justice and wellbeing. We know, evidentially, the relationships between these themes are out of balance, largely as a result of unhealthy economics. We have responsibility and ability to change, and greatly reduce behaviour that damages environment and creates social crisis.

However, it can feel overwhelming and this is why within Ecobalance Courses we follow manageable steps of reflective and practical process for change across our ‘economic web of influence’. Utilising tools and techniques such as pledges, action plans, celebrations and journals, to make small step changes across our web of influence. Ecobalance courses are facilitated for individuals, groups and teams.

To everyone, take care, all my love to you and all beings, until next time. Thank you x

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