There is much to cover, and within this vlog I am going to touch on economics, and the need for diversity within economics.

Today we are suffering global health alarm, and there are concerted efforts to minimise infections and prevent full blown melt-down and deathly crisis. We all have our part to play, and indeed volunteers are giving support to our essential public services (I will put a caveat here to say, be mindful and only interact with valid identified contacts). Anyway, this gives a small example of the natural diversity in economics.

Meanwhile, the world economy has been immediately impacted and there are serious and tangible concerns that economic recession and depression will ensue.

Unfortunately this highlights a weakness in a dominant global and neoliberal economy, as well as emphasising the need for our localised, online and diverse pattern of economic activities. Economics is, at core basics, domestic resource management. Therefore, logically, healthy economic decisions are orientated by wellbeing.

We know from economic growth measures – for example dollar, yen and pound profit – wellbeing is not always at the centre of economic policy. Shamefully for example, war has become a profit making private interest business, that is also entangled with profiteering from resources and construction. We only have to look at the major arms traders for this fact and evidence. Entangled with politics, business and religion, our human constructed wars reap immeasurable devastation, suffering, death, uncertainty and trauma. In fact, thank goodness, this virus is not a war of politics, religion or nationalism. In this regard I feel like the virus is giving humanity time out, on the naughty step, to reflect on our economic and political choices and behaviour.

Profit of money is not healthy when a solitary end unto itself, evidenced by economic policy that determines profit over environmental and social exploitation. Money is a vehicle for transaction. A conduit of energy, if you like. In nature we observe, flourishing ecosystems existing through diversity of roles. Each role with implicit value. Our economics can gain a lot of insight from this, and why we explore Diversity Economics within Ecobalance Courses.

I want to take this opportunity to saya huge Thank you to our priceless, and most valuable, public and community services at this time. Thank you to the individual people and teams who are working selflessly, your efforts, and the localised infrastructure arrangements, are essential and wonderful. Thank you.

To everyone, take care, all my love to you and all beings, until next time. Thank you x

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