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Reflective learning during the Anthropocene* epoch, to gracefully and consciously participate in local-global evolution.

Ecobalance Courses offer a range of courses and coaching (online and in person delivery), for individuals, organisations and companies, that involves reflective learning, world based examples and practical exercises.  As we develop our understanding of the complex relationships between: economics, environment, social justice and wellbeing, we are better able to adapt our behaviour, actions and systems. We can apply this learning to personal, organisational and collective contexts, both locally and globally. Therefore we are able to respond with conscious choice during the Anthropocene epoch, to participate in ‘planetary evolution’ in ways that are harmonious with natural systems and therefore, more sustainable and supportive of ecological health and human wellbeing.

Courses can be adapted for your specific requirements, including team building and change actions. 

Examples of course titles and learning outcomes:

Ethical Superstore

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Sustainable Governance

An online session to explore: Organisation / company Legal Structures, Good Governance, and Heart Governance, and what these mean for sustainability.

Learning outcomes are to:

  • Legal Structures: Understand what is profit, what is ‘not for profit’, and reflect on the basis of value
  • Governance: Understand how aims influence outcome, and how these related to holistic wellbeing of: environment, economics, and social justice
  • Heart Governance: Connect with own head, heart and hands, for change

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Ethical Consumer

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Conscious Consuming

An online session to explore the products, food, and thoughts we consume, and the impact these have on our lives and wider world.

Learning outcomes are to:

  • Products we consume: Understand and recognise ‘ethical’ quality standards
  • Food we consume: Gain understanding of the ‘food prism’; economics, environment and social justice
  • Thoughts we consume: Reflect on the outer – inner cycle of care

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Good Shopping Guide

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Ecobalance for Business (SMEs)

An online session to explore the supply chain, SME environmental policy statement , and influence of these on our lives and wider world.

Designed for all types of SMEs, learning outcomes are to:

  • The supply chain: Understand and recognise ‘ethical’ quality standards
  • Business Wales ‘Green Growth’ strategy: Understand the framework, as a support to develop your business environmental policy statement (NB: the learning is transferable and useful for SMEs operating in any area of the UK)
  • Reflect on business impact on economics, environment and social justice, and become familiar with your own balance

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Altruism, Self Care and Social Justice

An online session to explore the connection between altruism, self care and social justice.

Learning outcomes are to:

  • Altruism: Understand the qualities of being ‘fit to survive’ and link with human brain structure 
  • Self care: Gain confidence, self care is a form of activism!
  • Social Justice: Understand the connection between social justice, economics, environment and influence of our choices

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Ecobalance Basics e-Learning:

A 2-3 hour online course to help develop understanding of the interconnected nature of planet Earth, our impact as a species through the lens of economics, and, take small and effective steps for sustainable change. Learning outcomes are to gain introductory understanding of:

  • Environmental science, and the interconnected nature and boundaries of Earth
  • Economics, and the impact of different economic systems
  • ‘Seven generations’ outlook to common ownership and wellbeing, and
  • Reflect on significance of own self-care and wellbeing

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*The name Anthropocene is derived from Greek and means the “recent age of man.” See also:
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