I hope you’re alright in these strange and challenging times. Well done for supporting each other, and adapting while we juggle so much change!

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about our opportunity for being a conscious consumer.

But first I was asked to be more clear about what I meant in my last vlog, regarding domestic management, and, common value in the context of economics. As a quick explanation I mean; economics is derived from the Greek word Eco, meaning home. Ecology is the study of the relationships in habitat. Therefore economics is in essence, domestic management of resources – the production, distribution, consumption of goods and services. Common value is used as a cost equaliser, when something costs the same to all buyers. However, there are also goods and services that are of value to the whole. In society, what we share is called, common. Therefore I was using common value for that which is of value to us all. Like our health services and green spaces.

The grief and pain covid-19 is bringing, is not only human ill-health and death, but also exposing unhealthy economic systems. Which increases the upset. For example companies that avoid tax, being granted contracts that are funded by tax payers. Unfortunately the human quality of greed has a strong grip on economics. As a result the terrible practice of some very wealthy companies are being exposed, and people are voicing intention to boycott.

In Ecobalance Courses we look at conscious consumerism, as an extension of our ability to vote for the world we want to live in. Each pound, each currency, spent or invested, is a vote for economic practices and policy. For example choice of utility provider, banking, mortgages, washing powder, food and clothes, all contribute to our collective economics, and therefore make our consumer choices, an investment in the world we want to live in.

During Ecobalance Courses we also learn that our consumer decisions are determined by circumstance, and change within situations that wax and wane. Nothing is static. For example, at the moment, ethical shopping may not be your priority, but how you are managing your stress is more important. Ecobalance Courses include bringing your attention to what I call; your own authentic intelligence, your inner journey, and I will discuss more in the next vlog.

To everyone, take care, all my love to you and all beings, until next time. Thank you x

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