About Ecobalance Courses

Ecobalance Courses are for personal and team development, as well as organisations transformational systems change. Through learning about the interconnected relationship between: economics, environment, social justice and wellbeing. 

Ecobalance Courses offer a range of courses and coaching, that involves reflective learning, world based examples and practical exercises. During the sessions we explore the above topics, observe the relationship between these themes, and develop understanding of the interdependent nature of our planet.

Our modern dominant economics, politics, media and industry are creating a lot of damage. It is undeniable there are unhealthy systems and frameworks, destroying habitats, creating unbearable inequalities, and are dysfunctional. Our modern dominant systems are out of balance with life on earth. We have moved into the ‘Anthropocene’ epoch and therefore it is time to take mature responsibility, and participate in conscious evolution of our attitudes, behaviours and impact.

We have choice and ability to transform our systems, to support ecological health and human wellbeing.

Ecobalance Courses support individuals, organisations and companies to develop knowledge and techniques to sensitively understand and navigate complex issues with clarity, calm and good humour. Through participation and aligning with our ‘inner heart knowing’ we can plan for, and act for, systems change orientated by wellbeing.

Please see Ecobalance Courses ‘Bookings’ page for course list and a selection of learning outcomes. Courses can be adapted for your specific requirements, including team building and change actions.   

About Me – Mary

An experienced facilitator with a demonstrated history of working in professional and community development, training and coaching; specifically for sustainability, social justice and systems change. Qualifications include: Economics for Transition MA. Art and Aesthetics BA Hons. Education & Training QCF Level 3. Advanced Counselling Skills BTEC. Leadership and Management Foundation CIPD. 

I was born in Scotland, and lived in London through childhood until age 19, spending school holidays at the Gower in Wales. I have been blessed by geography, because my formative experiences gave me direct insight into the marvellous diversity of human kind, and essential beauty and majesty of nature. I need to be in nature. I adore the River Taff in Cardiff and believe it to be one of the many wonders of the world! Llangennith and Rhossili bay are my soul home, the place I love to be most on earth.

The blessing of geography continued throughout my adult life, as I have travelled visiting South America (briefly), various European countries, many visits to Asia including repeat travel to India and Nepal. I also lived in Cameroon while working on a two month work placement (2011), the experience touched me deeply. The other most profound and life changing travel was a pilgrimage trek in the foothills of the Himalayas (2007), and attending ‘Earth Democracy’ course with Dr Vandana Shiva at Navdanya in India (2013).
Many of the photos contained within this site and my written blog, were taken on my travels.

My career has been orientated by service to support wellbeing of individuals and groups, specifically those most disadvantaged. I have 20 years community development and project management experience, within public, voluntary and chairtable settings. Primarily within Cardiff, and Trealaw Rhondda, in Wales.


I have 19 years experience regularly practicing meditation, yoga and other contemplative practices. The background of my meditation is connected with Tibetan Buddhist teachings. I have travelled globally and attended retreats with authentic teachers, including HH Dalai Lama and HH Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje.

I have over 20 years of experience regularly facilitating group workshops, events and training, have a Master’s degree in Economics for Transition (2014), and am a qualified trainer. Ecobalance Courses are designed with specific methodologies to support discussions, learning outcomes and change actions. 



Dr Vandana Shiva
Dr Vanadana Shiva
presenting me with certificate for ‘Earth Democracy’ 2013
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